I recently had a friend who took his own life.  He battled depression and alcohol for most of his life.  He attempted suicide a few times.  In his obituary it said, “Michael…, 54, of …, conceded to his struggle with lifelong clinical depression on March 30, 2015.” It was actually good to read that they… Read More


On Sunday I had an appointment at the local “Genius Bar” to find out why my iPad is crashing. One of the Geniuses approached me and asked me what the trouble is with my iPad, and I explained the problem. He waved his hand over the screen, touching it here and there, and “voila,” he… Read More

Youth Skateboarding

Sitting through PRA’s Suicide Prevention for Community Corrections Professionals, I felt a comfortable distance since I do not work in probation or parole – I was interested but not affected. Or so I thought. The core message from this training is “ask.” If you suspect someone is considering suicide, ask him or her. Conquer your… Read More