Abigail Lemon

Skid Row Housing Trust’s Star Apartments

Photo: Skid Row Housing Trust’s Star Apartments  In September 2016, I flew to Los Angeles (LA) to attend a Social Security Administration (SSA) Field Hearing, as well as several other meetings to discuss the best way to collaborate and gain buy-in for SOAR in LA. We met with community members, agencies, and officials that had flown… Read More

Abby's Quilts

 About 2 years ago, I took up quilting. You can read all about how I became a quilter and the story behind it in my Journey to a Hobby blog. Since this post, I have delved even further into the world of quilting – I regularly attend quilt shows, have taken a number of quilting… Read More

High School Football Field

Where I grew up is the quintessential small town – Berryville, Virginia (yes, Berryville — my last name is Lemon and I grew up across the street from the Grapes).  My high school was small, with only about 100 people in the graduating class. Everyone knew everyone and it was a huge deal when a… Read More

Prepared Breakfast

On the second Wednesday morning of every month, you can normally find me and about four or five of my colleagues cooking breakfast at Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless (IPH).  We arrive early, between 7:00–7:30 a.m., but much of the work occurred the night before – shopping; precooking pounds of bacon, sausage, potatoes; and printing… Read More

A Quilter’s Getaway weekend located at a once popular Dirty Dancing-esque resort in the Catskills is not something you would expect a 20-something to attend. Of the 16 women who attended the weekend, the average age ranged from 65-70, with an outlier at 83. But I have a hobby that most 20-somethings would consider odd,… Read More

When I graduated high school my parents gave me the Dr. Seuss book Oh The Places You’ll Go; this is a somewhat common graduation gift and at that point in your life everything seems possible.  October 21st marked the one year anniversary of my tenure at PRA; I can hardly believe it’s been over a… Read More

I estimate that in the three months I consistently met with Anthony I spent well over $100 at McDonalds.  Yes, McDonalds and occasionally Wendy’s.  Anthony was a 23 years old homeless gentleman that I met through a local shelter that serves the homeless.  Anthony was in need of help completing his SSI/SSDI application and after… Read More

The professional world is small in Albany and an organization’s reputation tends to get around.  So when I decided to start looking to further my professional career I knew I wanted to look at Policy Research Associates.  After talking to many current and former PRA employees and applying not once but twice I finally landed… Read More