Pamela Clark Robbins

Pamela Clark Robbins is President and CEO and provides overall strategic direction and leadership at PRA.  She directs all components and manages the business operations, including finance/accounting systems oversight, grant and contract management, proposal development and business directions, personnel, policies, logistics, and other operational functions.

In addition to her role as President, her primary research interests lie in the areas of mental illness and violence, and the interface of the mental health, legal, and criminal justice systems. Prior to co-founding PRA in 1987, she worked on several research projects at the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. in Albany, New York. At PRA, she has focused on research design, project management, and data collection and analysis.  She has directed projects focused on evaluation, mental health courts, prevalence of mental illness in corrections, outpatient commitment, indigent defense, and risk assessment. She is co-author of Rethinking Risk Assessment (2001), Before and After Hinckley: Evaluating Insanity Defense Reform (1983), and numerous journal articles, chapters, and technical reports.