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Here you will find the tools and information you’ll need to complete an initial SOAR SSI/SSDI Application Packet.


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Application Timeline

Timeline for Completing an Initial SOAR SSI/SSDI Application

This timeline is intended to help you complete a SOAR SSI/SSDI application in stages so that you aren't overwhelmed. It allows you to focus on the medical summary report and easily meet the 60-day deadline. It is important to note that for this timeline to be the most effective, there must be a SOAR Process in place for submitting applications to your local SSA/DDS office.

For a printable version of the Application Timeline, click here (PDF 104 kb)


Day 1

  • Fax the SOAR Consent to Release Information (PDF 70 kb) form, signed by the applicant, to SSA.  This fax can also secure a protective filing date.
  • The SSA SOAR contact will fax the form back to you with the SSA status of the applicant.  If the applicant does not have a pending case or active appeal, proceed with an initial application.


Day 2 or 3


Weeks 1-2

  • Complete and have applicant sign a SSA-1696: Appointment of Representative (PDF 295 kb) form.
  • Continue to complete the MSR Worksheet and write the MSR.
  • Complete the SSA-3368: Disability Report. (PDF 124 kb) Use the paper version as a worksheet and transfer information to the SSA-i3368 Exit Disclaimer online application.  Do not submit until you are prepared to turn in the completed application package.
  • Continue to work with applicant's primary provider(s) and ask him/her to co-sign the MSR.
  • Continue collection of medical records.  As you identify additional providers, send a signed SSA-827 and your agency's Release of Information.


Weeks 3-4


Weeks 5-8

  • Call SSA SOAR Contact atleast 1-2 weeks before the 60-day deadline to request an appointment to submit the completed application.
  • 24-48 hours before the SSA appointment, submit the SSA-3368 and SSA-16 online.
  • Submit the completed application package using the SOAR Checklist for Initial Claims (PDF 130 kb) as a cover sheet.

SOAR Tools

Screening Tools

Application Worksheets

  • Applicant Tracking Worksheet MS Word 19kb
  • Medical Evidence Worksheet MS Word 43 kb
  • Medical Summary Report (MSR) Worksheet MS Word 53 kb – this guide can help you compile information necessary for the MSR.  It encompasses the following worksheets from the SOAR training curriculum: Substance Use, Functional Information, and Applicant Assessment.
  • SOAR Checklist for Initial Claims PDF 74 kb
  • SSDI Trial Work Tracking MS Word 36 kb
  • SSI Benefits & Work Worksheet MS Word 35 kb
  • SSI/SSDI Non-Medical Document Checklist MS Word 46 kb

Quality Review and Outcomes

Sample Letters


SSA Information

SSA Forms

Annual Updates




Sample Completed SOAR Application Packet

Below are examples of completed SSA and SOAR Forms using information from a fictitious SSI/SSDI applicant.

·        SOAR Checklist

·        SSA-8000: SSI Application

·        SSA-827: Authorization to Disclose Information

·        SSA-1696: Appointment of Representative

·        SSA-3368: Disability Report

·        SSA-16: SSDI Application

·        Medical Summary Report