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SOAR Training

SOAR Stepping Stones to Recovery Training

This training takes case managers step-by-step through the SSI/SSDI application process. Trainees learn about SSA forms and regulations as well as the many key components of a SOAR case manager’s role that aim to expedite the process and obtain approval on initial application. 

There are two ways to receive this training:

  • In-person: There may be a Trainer in your state or community who holds 2-day Stepping Stones to Recovery Trainings.  These individuals have attended a 4-day Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program given by the SOAR TA Center. (The TTT program has been replaced with our SOAR Leadership Academy.  See below.)
  • SOAR Online Course: This is an interactive, self-guided, and FREE program!  It takes approximately 16 hours to complete, but you do so on your own schedule.  There are seven classes as well as a practice case in which you complete an SSI/SSDI application and write a Medical Summary Report for a fictitious applicant. For more information contact us at


SOAR Leadership Academy

The SOAR Leadership Academy, led by SOAR TA Center staff, is the newest element of the SOAR model.  Its goal is to create Local Leaders who can coordinate their community's or region’s SOAR program.  Individuals must be recommended by their SOAR State Team Lead and must complete the SOAR Online Course prior to attending the Leadership Academy. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to provide a 1-day “SOAR Fundamentals” training for those who have completed the SOAR Online Training or have attended a 2-day in-person training
  • Tips for providing support to SOAR-trained providers 
  • Guidance on creating and maintaining a Steering Committee
  • Instruction on collecting outcomes and using data to leverage funding for their SOAR Program